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Third Eye Broadcast's Surface is a collaborative moonscape, a tidal cartographic collage made of ink, pulp, type, found text, daydreams, nighthearts, skywaters, and streetlamps. Looking at the pages of Surface is like looking out of your childhood bedroom window. “There is the moon, there are my dreams, here are my hands...” The members of Third Eye Broadcast — visual artist Kari Treadwell and author Nick Hranilovich — have met somewhere between the fabled Petit Prince and the filmic City of Lost Children. Here is joy like a jewel, sopping with space. Here is a little sadness, to help you remember...

The Lune is dedicated to exploring and uplifting the poet's role in society. Each chapbook is evidence of a contemplative and inventive approach to language¹; we hope they promote dynamic thought-patterns, community-centric epiphanies, respect for "travelers on the way," and quietude.

The Lune is published by Lunamopolis Press

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